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A Taste of the Exotic is on offer with every sip of Elcee’s. Red is the new chic!


Elcee’s is a British premium cocktail brand consisting of an alcoholic cocktail and non-alcoholic punch. The original alcoholic recipe was created by the founder Larry Coker in 2002.


Time was spent perfecting the recipe and after successfully catering for large events, it became apparent that this was filling a void in the market place. A premium alcoholic cocktail full of flavour, refreshing and ready to drink, and a premium non alcoholic drink with no compromise on taste, giving the option to still enjoy a cocktail along side anyone drinking alcohol.


Both drinks are a combination of tropical fruit juices, ginger beer, cherry flavouring, lychee, spring water. Elcee's Alcoholic Cocktail then adds red wine and white overproof rum.


They equally serve straight out of the bottle as refreshing cocktails, but as an added element to the brand, while they are great on their own, you can add them to other drinks to create your own cocktails or mocktails. A favourite is the Elcee's Spritzer:

  • Elcee's Non-Alcoholic punch

  • Sparking water

  • Coconut rum

  • Lime and lemongrass cordial


Elcee’s is a great addition for bars and restaurants drinks menu. It is also perfect for catering special events including weddings, anniversaries.


 A few words from the founder:

“I am a mixologist and have always had an understanding of how to pair flavours without tasting, going on just on knowledge of the individual flavours.


Way back in the day, when we had house parties, you would ask your guests to bring a bottle… Why is it that someone always brings red wine… even when they themselves don’t even drink wine? They would put the wine down on the table with the other drinks, then start drinking the stuff other people brought! I suspect they were re-gifting a bottle that was brought to their house…


I was always taught not to waste, and couldn’t be rude enough to give the wine to someone else, so I had to figure out what to do with all these bottles of wine in my house. I started experimenting… and after a few disastrous results, came up with the winning recipe!”



non alc cup 2
non alc 2
Alc 1
Joint 3
Non alc 1

You can catch us at a number of events
  • Sadler’s Wells Breakin’ Convention  Park Jam 2015

  • Trini Park Lime 2016

  • Notting Hill Carnival 2016

  • Trini Park Lime 2017

  • Imbibe Trade Show 2017

  • Hackney One Carnival 2017

  • UK Rumfest 2017

  • The Spirit Show 2017

  • Trini Park Lime 2018

  • The Spirit Show 2018

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